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Financial Accounting...

It is our desire to make every effort to ensure that your trust in us is never diminished because of our lack of candidness regarding the finances of WHEM. Consequently, we believe it is in the best interests of this ministry to make it easy for you to be able to take your own accounting of where your montetary gifts have been spent.

* If you desire to see a detailed Income/Expense report please
make your requests by calling 838-9595 or e-mailing to

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*$30,000 per yr. - Harlan Reinders
*$30,000 per yr. - Fred Tscholl
*$30,000 per yr. - Dudley Donaldson

*no heath insurance, retirement benefits or bonus plan.
*no employee of the radio station or any individual owns any stock in Fourth Dimension, Inc. Fourth Dimension is
a non-stock, non-profit entity.